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actovis data entry

Data Entry Services

We perform data entry in all the major international languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc. Actovis India delivers secure online data entry services in a quick turnaround time. 

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Food Safety Training Actovis

Food Safety Training

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has made it mandatory for all central and state licensed FBOs to undergo the fssai training under the FSS act, October 06th, 2017.


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CCTV Cameras

We provide our customers with CCTV cameras by which they can ensure safety and security at their home or workplace. 


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water level controller actovis

Water Level Controller

Water Level Controller is perfect to protect submersible pumps from dry running and at the same time, prevent overfilling. It has a fully automatic operation functionality, helping it to drain and fill simultaneously.


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GPS Tracker Actovis

GPS Trackers

Become a smart traveler and get yourself a GPS navigation device before you make travel plans. A device like this will guide you through roads that you have never been to before. With technological advancements, having tools like GPS navigation devices for cars is something that is essential.


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Mobile tracker actovis

Mobile Tracker

Why choose Mobile Tracker? Want to get a quality monitoring application? Mobile Tracker is the best choice for you! Many features. Easy installation and use. Thousands of satisfied customers. Solution with many features. 


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Child tracking GPS Actovis

GPS for Child Tracking

It is quite common for parents to be worried when their children- especially if they are very young- are out of house. With our GPS tracking, parents would now get the option to track where their children are. They can confirm if their children are really at school, playground or where they should be.


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LPG Gas Kit Actovis

GAS Kit for LPG

Wonder when you are away and your small kids are playing around, safety should be looked at the first call! At any instance in life, prevention is better than cure. We at ACTOVIS INDIA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED work with dedication on any technology that is apprehensive to take a step forward towards any measures that counter safety. 


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Door sensor alarm Actovis

Door Sensor Alarms

The basic functioning Door and window sensor alarm is a contact sensor that triggers an alarm when a door or a window is opened without authorization. This type of alarms represents the ultimate perimetral defense for your facility and it is widely used in companies and residential buildings.


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Battery Cycle

The increased cost of fuel has made it necessary to look for alternative means of transport. In such a scenario, battery cycles would help in not just effortless transport to your neighbourhood, but would also help in curbing the cost of fuel.


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